Yesterday & Today: 12th February

A relatively quiet day yesterday – it was Saturday after all; I spent more time watching rugby and racing than writing! Not that the day was a washout. I managed a fair amount of Not Significant Others reviewing, and went back into the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook to select a few more lucky agents to pester…

As expected, I’m now changing very little of Once Significant Others which I think demonstrates a) that it really is the last dance in terms of reviewing, and b) that it’s close enough to send some parts to prospective agents. I’m sure reading fiction submissions is a bit like interviewing where it’s said that you know if you are going to hire the candidate after 12 seconds. Maybe with fiction it’s 12 pages, or 12 sentences – or even 12 words… At least “She hadn’t meant to die.” isn’t a bad opening 5…

Based on the above, you won’t need to be a genius to figure out the main thing I’ll be working on today

And with the reviewing decks beginning to be cleared, maybe I should consciously devote a little more time to musing and thinking and planning. For me, there always comes a point when I feel the emphasis noticeably shift between one strand of activity and the next – and it’s tapping me on the shoulder right now…

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