Yesterday & Today: 13th February

Yesterday was a relatively low-key day. Apart from some reviewing, the most significant activities were the identification of a small number of additional literary agents to accost, and some work on thoughts for the new prose project (as it is currently envisaged).

This latter activity was useful in terms of suggesting that the idea has some merit – but I really need to start drafting something soon to see if the words on the page back-up that notion.

The one other thing which came out of yesterday’s ruminations was the recognition how ‘big’ a year 2023 is likely to be outside of writing. There are a number of ‘domestic’ considerations which could end up having an influence – and certainly take-up a considerable amount of time later in the year.

Anyway, ‘same old, same old’ today – which, in terms of Once Significant Others should see me within a day or two of being able to put that revision activity to bed (not that I will get much done tomorrow as it’s ‘Social Tuesday’!).

A little more thinking about the fiction project – “C” – is probably called for, and I feel a spot of ‘freestyle poetry’ coming on too (that’s project “B” mentioned a few posts ago).

Not that today’s start has been auspicious. Have you ever had one of those mornings when computers don’t behave, updated files from the previous day haven’t synchronised across machines correctly, you’ve struggled to log-in to something (WordPress!) etc.

It’s a salutary lesson in terms of what we have become reliant on. And the fear that I’m going to lose something in the gaps between the bits and bytes really gets to me…

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