Yesterday & Today: 14th February

When you read these posts of mine you may feel as if little progress is being made day-to-day, but everything’s cumulative isn’t it? That old adage about eating an elephant one bite at a time…

Yesterday was no exception: a decent chunk of Once Significant Others reviewing, plus another (very) draft section in my new long poem “B”.

Small bites perhaps, but bites nonetheless.

There are three areas of focus today. First of these is my two-hour stint in the local library in my role as ‘Writer-in-Residence’. I wonder if there will be people dropping by for a chat today? In any event I’ll be reviewing and planning and drafting – something!

Then immediately after lunch, this week’s ‘Write-on Ripon’. It being Valentine’s Day, the theme for our session is inevitably ‘Love’. We’ll see what people bring along; I’m pretty certain it will be varied! I’m going to read some sonnets from Not the Sonnets – though their depiction of love isn’t as saccharine as you might perhaps expect.

And finally this evening, this month’s Derby Stanza Group which I have been hosting via Zoom since the pandemic started – which means we’ve been going for the best part of 5 years! Zoom works really well for such events with a limited number of attendees, especially if you already know each other and the relationships were formed pre-Zoom. As always, looking forward to it. I’ve offered up a Villanelle for scrutiny, and I know I’ll get some honest feedback on it – which is where the prize in such events really is, isn’t it?

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