Yesterday & Today: 15th February

As you know, yesterday was all set-up to be a very busy day – which it was, though it didn’t get off to the most auspicious of starts.

It’s school half-term here, which meant that the library was incredibly noisy with lots of children running about. This is obviously great isn’t it, kids in a library, but it did mean that there wasn’t a single quiet space in the place (it is relatively small and all on one level), so I had to abandon my session there after just under an hour.

‘Write-on Ripon lived up to expectations after lunch however, with a wide variety of things read on the subject of ‘love’ – both in terms of style and slant. Someone even read two sonnets in Spanish – thankfully followed by English translations!

And at the Derby Stanza in the evening, some really high-quality offerings were discussed by the group. I’m very grateful to be associated with such a talented bunch!

The headline event today is the first session with Andy, my Director, to discuss the performing of Crash in June. Not entirely sure what we’ll do today, but an initial run-through of the whole thing as I currently see it must be on the cards soon; only then will Andy know what he’s taken on!

This afternoon I will be hopeful of finishing the final review of Once Significant Others. Then it will be time for a very short breath before kicking on again. In my capacity as mentor, I also have some material to read, submitted to me by two other writers. There will be face-to-face discussions at some point next week to allow me to make my suggestions etc.

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