Yesterday & Today: 16th February

Some days are more significant than others. Yesterday saw not only my first ‘live’ run-through of Crash on the way to the June performance, but also the completion of the final review of Once Significant Others.

In the case of the latter, it’s now a question of sitting on the work for a while to see if I can get any agents interested. I’ll probably need to make a call as to Indie publication in a couple of months.

With Crash, the good news is that there appears little that needs doing with the text – and much that needs refining in terms of performance. Not surprising given that I am not used to performing other than reading at Open Mics, which are a completely different kettle of fish.

It seems the key things I’ll be focussing on over the next few weeks will be: pace, intonation, movement, expression, blocking. And that’s where Andy’s input will be crucial. We’ll probably focus on each of the ten sections in turn, with a complete read-through most weeks. (We’ll probably meet weekly.) So next Wednesday it will be section 1 – though I’ll be rehearsing and trying things out on my own between now and then.

It now feels real…!

So, in addition to talking to myself, I need to spend a chunk of today starting to move something else forward.

As I sit here now I’ve no idea exactly how I’m going to react to putting Others aside and starting on Crash. The creation of space I’ve talked about in previous posts is now a reality, a semi-vacuum requiring filling.

I am confident this dilemma will not manifest itself as “writers’ block” (which is something I don’t believe in) but rather a refinement of the ‘what’ given there is an infinite variety of things to choose from…

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