Yesterday & Today: 17th February

In accordance with ‘the plan’, I read through the entirety of Crash yesterday and did so with one eye on Martin Sheen’s performance in Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood (or at least the opening three minutes of it). Watching Sheen is part of the ‘homework’ Andy has given me for the week, and I have to focus on movement, timing, and intonation.

What a great role model Sheen is. Mesmerising.

So I marched about my study – doors closed of course! – chuntering and pointing and pretending I was someone else. And what fun it was! I’m sure after another four months of this I’ll be completely unbearable!

Today is the 49th consecutive day that I’ve posted to this website. Even if some of the individual component parts are not, hopefully come the end of the year it will be interesting to look back on the journey as a whole once all the ‘tomorrows’ have turned into ‘todays’ etc.

And what about today? Well I’ve no plans to do anything with Crash, even if a copy of the text sits on my desk expectantly! I started a short story yesterday (tentatively, I’ll admit) and I think I need to pick that up again and see where it takes me. It could be a component part of “C” in that it should fit in terms of themes etc… I say ‘should’, but only time will tell.

I also tried to put some shape to a poem I’ve been thinking about for a while – but the output was atrocious! Seriously underwhelming. I wonder if that’s because stylistically I was somehow reverting to something ‘old’ (in comparison to Crash), or perhaps I just wasn’t in the mood. Whichever, it’s important – and bizarrely rewarding – to be able to recognise when something isn’t up to standard…

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