Yesterday & Today: 21st February

One of the things to be wary of when mapping out a new long story is, I find, trying to do so too early. I had an example of this yesterday when using the 2.5k words already written to try and put some scaffolding around what “C” might be. In consequence it all looks very flimsy. And then it occurred to me that was probably because I hadn’t drafted enough material to get a decent enough foothold on what might be going on. And if you don’t have that…

So today I’ll be attempting to do just that, pad out what I have already written a little further to see if I can put more flesh on two of my main characters; once I’ve done that, then they will give me more of a clue as to their histories.

Given today is Tuesday, I’ll be doing that partly during my session at the Library this morning (when I may have two people dropping in for advice) and then later this afternoon when I get back from ‘Write-on Ripon’. In addition I need to do some prep for tomorrow’s Ripon Writers’ Group where I’m running a flash fiction exercise, and complete my entry from the group’s ‘Mini-saga’ writing competition.

I drafted a new short section of “B” yesterday also, so will probably find time to take a look at that.


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