Yesterday & Today: 22nd February

There were two major consumers of my time yesterday: the first was my Library session where I was able to devote a fair chunk to continuing my draft of “C” (now over 11k words) as well as offering some suggestions to someone who dropped in to discuss a potential project they are working on which may involve the weaving together of a series of monologues into a coherent narrative.

The afternoon’s ‘Write-on Ripon’ session was, I thought, a little ‘flat’ – though I suspect that was primarily down to me not being able to fully engage with the theme of ‘Festivals/Mardi Gras/Parties’. I did read the opening couple of pages from the aforementioned “C” draft, only to find one or two people hung-up on the word ‘carrot’ – which didn’t really help my mood (though they may have been right).

Perhaps some of my mood was also as a result of me starting to work on an article tentatively entitled “What is Poetry for?”… I am having something of a mini-crisis at the moment when it comes to poetry, and the article is intended as a tool to help me work things through (whether or not it gets published). Some of this angst I am pretty sure is a spin-off from my extremely positive experience of Crash.

The latter is front-and-centre today with the second rehearsal session this afternoon. This is where Andy and I start to work on the performance section-by-section (though I also anticipate another full run-through). I need to ensure I learn the lessons from my recording at the weekend just gone.

And this evening I will need to be on my game for the flash fiction exercise I’m running at Ripon Writers’ Group. This is the first such exercise we’ve tried in a very long time, so it will be interesting to see how it is embraced – and by who. There is also homework to be set for the subsequent meeting in two weeks, and this may be something that people struggle with – and is not an exercise I’ve tried before…

I’m sure I’ll dip into the article again this morning, as well as a little more “C” – so overall it will be quite a full-on day. Let’s hope it’s a constructive one too.


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