Yesterday & Today: 26th February

I surprised myself by getting a large slug of “C” planning done yesterday, attempting outline how I might fill in the gaps between the narrative bookends already written. Putting potential books on the shelf, if you like.

The next exercise on this particular journey should be completion of six character profiles; these will then help me know how interested I am in the overall project.

No further editing of my “What is Poetry for?” article yesterday, but something left-filed did crop up. BBC Radio is putting together playlists of creative material for local radio stations. I have submitted two of my podcasted short stories – “Park’n’Ride” and “Downsizing” – for consideration by Radio York. Hopefully they will be accepted and made available to Radio York listeners. And maybe beyond, who knows..?

As I said, today should see me start on those character profiles. I will also be doing another read-through of Crash as soon as I identify a clear 40 minutes when I know I won’t be disturbed – and won’t disturb anyone else! I could do with a writing-shed in the garden like Simon Armitage! Actually, first I’d need a garden like Simon Armitage!

I need to think about readers for Contextual: 16 too. Maybe I’ll do that today as well.


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