Yesterday & Today: 25th February

If I’m honest, the first draft of my as yet unpublished article “What is Poetry for?” started out by adopting something of a harsh and confrontational tone. However, following on from the splendid Contextual: 15 evening on Thursday, when I was redrafting it yesterday, I was forced to soften my stance somewhat. Given I still believe in the underlying premise of the article, achieving balance will be difficult.

Yesterday I also finished the drafting of the final ‘chapter’ of “C” – which now means beginning and end stare back at me like (literally) ‘bookends’, daring me to find the chapters to sit in the middle. The only way to know whether or not doing so is the right thing will be to plunge in and see if I can find the first of these…

So today may see me begin to face into that challenge. I may also continue editing the article mentioned above – though now, when (or even if) I publish it, I may do so with some trepidation.

As today is Saturday, it won’t be a work-heavy day. Not exactly a day-off – I don’t think any day is ever truly that.


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