Yesterday & Today: 27th February

During yesterday‘s run-through of Crash, I think I recognised that there are a few lines in a couple of places that need to be cut. They’re the kind of lines which work well enough on the page, but in a ‘performance’ of the piece seem to cost momentum.

This is the first time I’ve had to face such considerations. I’ll need to discuss with Andy when we meet on Wednesday (only 15 weeks to the real thing).

As planned, I also started building out my character profiles for “C”. Apart from these two things that was about it for the day.

Oh, no it wasn’t! I also tried to write a more ‘sanitised’ version of my ‘What is Poetry for?” article. And I don’t think I did. I’m not even sure I can. Perhaps it’s the kind of topic that needs face-to-face debate, rather than stating on a page where the words look to ‘bald’ and confrontational… I’ll find out soon enough as the 2-day poetry course I’m going to be running later this year will start with that very question.

Today will see more character profiling, plus – I’m not sure exactly what else..! Perhaps starting a new chapter of “C” (I don’t need completed profiles to do that). And I didn’t think about Contextual: 16 at all yesterday…


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