Yesterday & Today: 28th February

It was a good day yesterday in terms of “C”, completing the character profiles. The next stage is to work through these to pull out ideas for the episodes I need to write in order to build the characters in the narrative e.g. the character profile may have identified an influential event from the character’s past, so I need to find a way/place to write that into the story.

Yesterday I also spent a little time editing out just a few lines from Crash (we’ll see how that goes at the next rehearsal on Thursday), plus some odds and ends around a book review, some competitions, and Contextual: 16.

I need to get notification of Contextual: 16 out today as one of this morning’s priorities, which I will probably do during my library residency session (favouring that over a trip to a monthly poetry reading group which unfortunately clashes). In those two hours I’ll also carry on with “C” planning.

After lunch it is ‘Write-on Ripon’, and today we have an exercise, a ‘Haiku Play’. The idea is that each person writes a starting Haiku, they then pass this to the next person who writes a Haiku in response to the one on the page in front of them (within a 5-minute time limit). Then the chain is passed on again, another Haiku written, and so on until it ends up back with the person who started it. At that point each chain – which should be a little like a ‘conversation’ – is read out. That’s usually fun.


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