Yesterday & Today: 1st March

A good way to finish the month, yesterday was busy. First a quick run-through of Crash with about a dozen lines removed. 40 minutes seems set to be the running time.

Then a couple of hours residency in the library during which time I did some more planning of ‘episodes’ in my project “C”. The next step will be to sequence these in some way to get a feel of a) how the whole thing hangs together, and b) how long it might be.

After lunch there was our ‘Haiku Play’ exercise at ‘Write-on Ripon’ where, in about 45 minutes, nine of us wrote a total of 81 Haiku! Some of the 9-poems-long chains worked really well, with a flow and thematic cohesion about them. As each individual Haiku was written to a 5-minute limit, it was quite an intense exercise, and it demonstrated how useful the form can potentially be as a kind of ‘shorthand’ for collecting thoughts about longer pieces of work if you were out walking for example and struck by a sudden idea.

I also managed to settle on our five readers for Contextual: 16 at the end of this month.

Sometimes looking into an ‘open’ day – as I do today – can be a little daunting; that’s why having alternative writing places away from the study and house can be beneficial.

More work on “C” planning is inevitable – and perhaps I’ll be able to start drafting a new episode subsequent to that. The “What is Poetry for” article is just about ready to go. I think. One more read through…

Other than that I’m free to let the creative gods take me where they will. Perhaps I should record another podcast episode; it’s about time I put another one up… The article, maybe…


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