Haiku Play

One of the ‘Haiku Plays’ produced during the ‘Write-on Ripon’ meeting of 28th February.

the black cylinders
of automatic rifles
bitter liquorice

black burns the sore throat
stinging flavour grasping breath
gagging the stomach

skin shred like flailed rags
seeping scarlet oozing slow
warm blood-flecked spittle

peaceful people all
must suffer at others' hands
prey to constant greed

trudging to freedom
a long line    behind are homes
in front the unknown

numb in the moment
a new identity born
with each stumbling step

my friends are with me
falling through the muddy trench
fighting for their lives

we lie under a field
not forgotten but alive
as crimson poppies

rifles rust away
memories of us will fade
will we never learn
Ian, Phillipa, Nicky, Maggie, Carole, Lotty, Jo, Caroline, Mary

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