Yesterday & Today: 3rd March

How did the first proper Crash rehearsal go yesterday? I thought really well. Andy and I went through the first section about six times, including the non-verbal context and scene setting. Having someone who knows what they’re doing asking you the right questions and making good suggestions is invaluable.

Already I’m wondering how awful it might have proven to be without Andy’s insight.

Yesterday I also managed to resequence the potential episodes for “C” and estimate approximate lengths (in words) for each of them. Along with what I have already written, I’m sitting at about 75k – which answers the questions as to what it might be! Now I need to draft the first two or three ‘chapters’ and then take stock as to whether it’s a project I believe in or not.

The only other things of note yesterday were that I finally published my “What is Poetry for?” post yesterday (I confess a slightly watered-down version), and I received a rejection from an agent in relation to Once Significant Others to add to the pile…

I should get to work on “C” today. This is one of the critical moments on a project: you have it laid out and now it’s time to take that first conscious and calculated step – as opposed to just freewheeling when you are simply drafting ‘something’. The next critical point will be around 35k-40k words; by then the belief really should have kicked-in, otherwise you’re wasting your time.


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