Yesterday & Today: 4th March

It’s odd how some days end up with a work-profile you simply hadn’t foreseen. Yesterday was one such day where two of the three things on which I spent my time weren’t really on my radar at all – and those that were, didn’t happen.

An hour’s solo rehearsing of Crash trying to consolidate what had been discussed with Andy on Tuesday was the one thing that came as no surprise.

However, spending a fair chunk of time working on An Irregular Piece of Sky‘s cover most certainly wasn’t. This is simply to be ready to publish the collection – assuming it doesn’t get picked up by an agent. I could press the button on the tomorrow. The drive to publish it is to be able to have copies to sell in June at the Crash reading.

The second unplanned thing was a chunk of time working through a list of competitions and opportunities between now and the end of the year. Submission to some would be ambitious (or ‘punchy’, as I’ve said elsewhere), for others less so. Many of the comps are for short stories and – in An Irregular Piece of Sky – I know I have some candidate material; but what does that do to a publication date?

Seems I have three choices: 1 – don’t publish and keep the work for competition entries (one’s already a winner); 2 – publish and then work on some new stories (obviously in parallel with writing “C”); 3 – publish and ignore the competitions altogether. I’m inclined towards #2…it feels more like ‘progress’.

Based on yesterday, who knows what today will look like?! Saturday and ‘life’ suggest it won’t be a heavy work day – but then, who can say..? On that basis – just for today – I’m not even going to predict…


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