Yesterday & Today: 5th March

Another surprising one yesterday when again the two key things I ended up doing simply weren’t on my radar at the beginning of the day.

The first of these was the completion of a draft of “B” – which is the follow-on to Crash and, if things go as I expect them to, will be the middle section of the trilogy. What sort of trilogy it will be – poem or play – remains to be seen!

Secondly, I submitted Once Significant Others to a publisher who currently has an open window for novel submissions direct from authors without the need for an agent as intermediary. Obviously that was too good an opportunity to turn down – so I didn’t. Whilst the outcome is long odds-on to be the same as recent agent submissions, there’s a little extra frisson in submitting work directly to a publisher.

Given what happened yesterday, I wonder if there’s any mileage in trying to forecast what I’ll do today. I have some ‘chores’ which I will try and get out of the way as soon as I possibly can, but after that? [The bread’s already on!] I should certainly try and get some more words into the next episode of “C”; perhaps that will be today’s priority.

Other than that, starting the final review of Tilt would be good.

I’m away mentoring on a writing retreat from next Saturday, so between now and then I need to ensure I have all the material I need etc. Today might also be a day to start that.


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