Yesterday & Today: 6th March

The opening section of my new fiction project “C” introduces the four main characters, but the next chapter to be written introduces the final two. Perhaps that is why, when I started to tackle the latter yesterday, it proved harder going that I might have imagined. It was almost as if I was beginning another brand new project – even though I have already worked out the character profiles for these two new characters and how they relate to the first four.

I am assuming that once I have re-established some momentum, drafting smoothness with return – but safe to say that it wasn’t there yesterday.

But what else was? Well, I began the final review of Tilt (hoorah!), though I’m still not sure what that might throw up when I reach the end: have I done enough there? And I also began final preparations for the workshops etc. for the Writers’ Retreat at which I will mentor starting on Saturday. It’s a new venue specifically converted to cater for such retreats, and in early photos it looks top-drawer!

“C” and Tilt today? Almost certainly. Plus some more retreat prep I expect. I may also squeeze in a little Crash rehearsal too..

But the major event will be this evening’s poetry Stanza meeting (via Zoom) at which I am offering up a new (and my one and only ever) Villanelle for scrutiny. This is the North Yorkshire Stanza, and tomorrow evening is the Derby Stanza (also via Zoom) which I chair. Given Wednesday evening is also Ripon Writers’ Group night, there’s a lot of ‘poetic interaction’ this week to set me up for the retreat!

One long fiction question with which I will undoubtedly wrestle as far as “C” is concerned: do I add-in any minor characters, and if so, why? Minor characters can make the narrative more realistic, but if they add nothing to moving the plot along or are not integral to it, is that smidgen of added realism enough for them to earn their corn?


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