Yesterday & Today: 18th March

So here we are again, nearly 80 consecutive days of posting.

Someone asked me yesterday whether my daily update had become a chore, but I can honestly say it hasn’t. Rather it feels more like a heartbeat which kick-starts the day. A literary defibrillator, perhaps!

And what of yesterday?

Well, it proved to be as atypical as I expected it to be. The only chunk of substantial work was on Tilt, but having included the draft covers of this year’s books in my post yesterday I found myself tweaking them to move to a more uniform appearance in terms of font and font sizes. Not finished yet, but not far off.

The evening was spent at the Grand Opening of “The Retreat at the King’s Arms” at which I read a short story – “Downsizing” – which will appear in the forthcoming An Irregular Piece of Sky. A second reading had been planned, but the social side of the event took over for the majority of the guests – which wasn’t surprising. In any event, “Downsizing” was well-received.

I’m probably facing into another fragmentary day today too, with just bits and pieces on the cards.

I find myself really keen to draw a line under May’s publications. Whilst there is is some trepidation about having only one major project on the go – “C” (if you ignore Crash) – I need to get myself into a position where that is fact (i.e. all other work closed off) in order for me to decide what I’ll tackle alongside “C”. As I’ve said elsewhere, I can’t have only one project on the go, so will need to conjure up something else. Whatever this proves to be will – along with “C” – begin to form 2024’s publication portfolio.


Links: (books for sale on, Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), Barnes & Noble etc. Some e-books also available direct from Coverstory books.

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