Yesterday & Today: 1st April

April. Can you believe it?!

Yesterday the dominant activity was more work drafting “C”. During that I had another wonderful example of how brilliant the brain is… In terms of the location in which my narrative is set, I was struggling a little with how to make a credible link between the last episode and some of those which follow it. I feared too much repetition.

And then, all of sudden, I found I had placed a key in the coat pocket of my main character.

That may not sound much, but it has provided me with an additional suite of backdrops which not only help me not to repeat myself in terms of location, but which also fit the overall story and the episodes to come perfectly. I had no conscious intention of Owen going into the house, yet now he can – and it works so well!

More conscious, however, was the reviewing of the last of the four eproofs for my May publications. I have now ordered the physical copies which – time permitting – I will read cover-to-cover in one final check before committing to a ‘live’ date.

I am unlikely to get that much work done today, but given where I am with my projects and the other things going on, that’s fine, known, expected. So I simply won’t stress about it.


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