Yesterday & Today: 31st March

Another tremendous Contextual virtual poetry reading event yesterday with my five readers doing us proud – as they always seem to! We had 23 people attend the hour-long meeting. As ever, there was a range of styles and themes on show. Occasionally I find the admin for these events a little onerous – but the compensation always comes with the event itself.

That’s 16 months we have been going now!

Yesterday also saw another rehearsal session for Crash where we ran through the first third of the piece. Andy and I are refining as we go, and I’m discovering elements of the performance settling in and becoming ‘automatic’ the more we practice. I guess that’s only to be expected. Also I’m finding I’m needing to ‘unlock’ some aspects of my personality – like being angry! – in order to make the thing work. This is unnerving…

There was a chunk of “C” drafted yesterday too. I’ve put in a lot of work this month, so my daily effort average should top out at around 3.7 hours.

There is significant chunk of ‘life stuff’ at the beginning of April which actually starts today – this means what I’m likely to get through work-wise may be somewhat limited in the first week. We’ll see. At the very least I should be able to get a little work done on “C”. I’m also hoping to sign off on the eproof of Tilt, which will enable me to order the proof copies I need for the upcoming May publications.


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