Yesterday & Today: 30th March

It seems that drafting “C” is an unstoppable activity at the moment with yesterday‘s addition work taking the word count over 24k. It’s amazing what happens when you latch onto a story you want to tell, and with characters you find interesting. There is a bizarre – and wonderful! – compulsion about the process; something magical and irresistible.

Yesterday wasn’t all about “C” though…

I had an idea for a little companion project to run along in the background (much as not the Sonnets had done for years), so we’ll see if that goes anywhere. I also entered another competition on a whim, and spent a little while editing and then sending out my quarterly Coverstory books newsletter. (If you didn’t get this and would like to go on my mailing list, please fill in the form on the 28th’s post.)

Today should be a Crash rehearsal day. If so, I suspect we’ll focus on the first three sections. I’m keen to arrive into June knowing as much of the piece by heart as possible. Each week is a memory test!

In addition to that, some “C” drafting (now inevitably). It’s at times like this, when ‘the flow’ takes over, that you feel the benefit of all the early work that went into planning and scoping: I know what comes next, then what comes after that, and so on. ‘Thinking’ is reduced – which may sound counter intuitive, but needing to think too much about character and plot can get in the way of drafting…

And then this evening, this month’s Contextual international virtual poetry reading event. If you would more information on this, please click here.


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