Yesterday & Today: 29th March

A really good ‘Write-on Ripon’ session yesterday with a significant variety of work read – and some good discussions following on from those. Most enjoyable. I read another short chunk from the draft opening of “C” which seemed to go down well.

The group seems to have found a heartbeat with attendees now regularly numbering 8 to 12 – which is good for a writing group. And to think last Summer occasionally we were down to 3 or 4. We must have found a working formula.

I also managed a little work on “C” yesterday, as well as another silent read-through of Crash, both during my session in the library. Once again no-one turned up to ask for advice, though I did get a lead as to potential readings at a local care home. One to follow-up on.

Being Wednesday, today was supposed to be Crash rehearsal day, but Andy can’t make it; we will try and rearrange for tomorrow. That leaves the day wide open. As I sit here drinking tea I confess I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with it… You’ll find out tomorrow what I did..!

And for those of you who are sticking with my writing diary, just to say ‘thank you’ for doing so. It means a lot. Please feel free to share with your friends; you never know with whom it might also strike a chord.


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