Yesterday & Today: 28th March

As planned, yesterday saw me start to build out my fourth main character in “C”, an activity which requires another 4-5,000 words drafted to round-out. As well as that, I did a silent, ‘un-acted’ read-through of Crash.

Unplanned was the time I spent updating the Coverstory books website to include landing pages for my new Spring titles. This is useful prep – and advance publicity – which will make ‘go live’ day much smoother.

I also spent a little time working on the April edition of my newsletter, which goes out to my mailing list*. This is a quarterly delivery which tries to keep people updated with what’s going on with Coverstory books as well as what I’m working on in terms of personal projects (in this case, pretty much one and the same thing).

Today is my 88th consecutive day of posting! It will be a typical Tuesday – Library in the morning, ‘Write-on Ripon’ in the afternoon – and should see more work on “C” and possibly the newsletter.

It’s entirely possibly that I may have someone come and see me in the library this morning f0r some advice – interest has been expressed! – and if that’s the case then my own writing output may go down a little. But that’s what I’m there for…


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