Yesterday & Today: 9th April

100th consecutive day of posting!! Thank you if you’re dipping into my 2023 writing diary.

So what was yesterday like? Well, a fair chunk of time spent on drafting “C”, which has now made it beyond 30k words. This, I find, is the difficult time; the time when fatigue sets in and belief is challenged; the time when working on other projects seems so much more attractive…

But no real signs of the pace letting up, so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.

A bitty day otherwise with some Stanza and publishing stuff.

I may start today with a Crash read-through, then at some point some more “C”, and some further preparation for events later in the week. I have my Derby Stanza meeting to host on Tuesday, and then Thursday to Sunday I’m mentoring again at a writers’ retreat; between now and then I need to check I’ve all the appropriate materials for that.

If you’ve never tried it, I recommend the BBC Sounds podcast “The Poet Laureate has gone to his Shed”. In the one I listened to yesterday, Simon Armitage was joined in his writing shed by J.K.Rowling. All I’ll say is that if she was on one of the retreats at which I’d mentor she’d drive me mad – but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to know why..!


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