Yesterday & Today: 8th April

A real ‘bits and pieces’ kind of day yesterday, tinkering with a variety of things rather than any solid chunks of work:

  • working on the cover for the pamphlet version of Crash;
  • a couple of haiku;
  • some prep for Contextual: 17 and next week’s Derby Stanza;
  • drafting ides for something to work on alongside “C”.

Chances are the most significant of those activities will be the final one; it’s certainly important that I get settled on something in the next few weeks.

The Crash pamphlet will be ready for a proof copy by the end of the month.

Given it’s Saturday, I expect today may see a similar pattern to yesterday – it all depends on whether I can get into any flow with “C”, and/or the potency of the ideas I came up with yesterday as they may warrant some additional clarification sooner rather than later.

This is my 99th post in this unbroken sequence; to be honest, I hadn’t expected to last this far!


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