Yesterday & Today: 7th April

Great to be firing on all cylinders again yesterday! In addition to some work on “C” and a partial read-through of Crash, the highlight of the day was the Open Mic in the evening organised by ‘Write-on Ripon’.

It was unusual being in the Curzon Cinema basement and not being there to rehearse Crash. As ever there was considerable variety of material read with the main event being a 20-minute or so ‘Talking Heads’ style play by Caroline about Witchcraft.

I’ve discovered that my rehearsals for Crash have increased my confidence behind the mic and – I hope – my reading ‘range’ in terms of voice and projection. Last night I read two old poems then five new haiku – and even rounded off the evening with a joke about a gorilla up a tree (first heard when David Niven was interviewed by Michael Parkinson back in the Dark Ages).

Today should see some more work on “C”, and I need to do a little bit of thinking about ‘parallel’ projects. I have some prospective competitions coming up that I could enter, but they’re for short stories and I don’t have new material (my stand-by stories being published in An Irregular Piece of Sky in May). Do I write some specific pieces for those (I rarely write specifically for competitions) or do I let them go in favour of something more long-term?

Instinctively I think it will be the latter…


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