Yesterday & Today: 11th April

I’m not sure which is more satisfying: a day where you work on things exactly as you planned, or a day where you find unexpected projects taking up your time. Of the two, yesterday felt pretty much like the former: a decent chunk of time on “C” (though not sure the quality was quite there); a new podcast episode of me reading six Haiku; other tinkerings.

You can find the podcast here (you may get an out-of-date security certificate warning, but this is my podcast). Otherwise look for ‘WalkingThruFire’ on Audible, Spotify, Amazon or Apple Music etc.

There’s no doubt that today will also fit into the ‘executing the plan’ category. Why? Because there are three chunks of time already committed: Writer-in-Residence stint at the library this morning; ‘Write-on Ripon’ group this afternoon; my Stanza Group this evening. No wiggle room there! The only uncertainty is what I’ll work on in the library (depending partly on whether or not I have any ‘visitors), and what I read at the writing group.

There is something satisfying about days like today in that I can allow autopilot to kick-in. When staring into an unstructured day, having to think about how to spend you time – especially when it comes to writing – and the ‘forcing yourself’ that sometimes goes along with that, can occasionally be really hard don’t you think?


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