Yesterday & Today: 12th April

Given what was on the agenda, yesterday was always going to be pretty busy – yet I even managed to fit in something unplanned! The library session was quiet (but only in terms of people wanting to see me), so I cut it short half an hour early. During my time there (and at various points throughout the day), not only did I work on “C” but I also spent a little time on the follow-up to Crash.

In terms of the latter, revising the draft of part two of the trilogy (of which Crash is the first) I was struck again how the poetic ‘style’ I’ve used feels both ‘new’ and authentically me. I am also intending – once the third part if written – to turn the whole thing into a play. The performance of Crash in June will really help give me an insight into that.

There was another good turn-out for ‘Write-on Ripon’ (nine) and I read – with some difficulty – my short story “Welshman”, which appears in my collection Secrets & Wisdom. It’s silly, but about 50% of the time I struggle to stay composed when reading this; “that’s because it’s so powerful” one person said yesterday.

And then a record-breaking ten on Zoom for my Derby Stanza group – another great evening of decent and varied poetry.

The only thing definitely on the agenda today – other than a visit by a plumber! – is a Crash rehearsal this afternoon. Other than that it will surely be “C” and whatever else takes my fancy.


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