Yesterday & Today: 13th April

The great news from yesterday was how well Andy thinks my performance of Crash is coming along. Indeed, we are likely to reduce formal rehearsals to bi-weekly until just before the June event. One of the beauties of the piece – and the performance – is that I can practise at home, something I’ll have to continue to do given I want to have even more of it off by-heart.

Also good news from yesterday was that I have secured a very small slot at the Open Mic portion of a Zoom event next week hosted by Kim Moore which has been set-up in part of launch Liz Berry’s new collection. The theme is ‘home’, and given my troubled childhood this is a subject about which I can certainly speak. I plan to read a small poem from my book, The Homelessness of a Child.

Other than that, yesterday saw a little “C” drafting and some preparation for…

today when I am off to mentor on a 3-day writers’ retreat. The usual format combining workshops and 1-2-1s will apply. It’s always exciting finding out what kind of writers we have at these retreats – and what they’re writing. I’m fortunate that I can tailor the workshops to meet the needs of the group e.g. fiction vs. poetry. So the next three daily updates will come from North Lincolnshire.

I will also find a little time to do some work of my own, though exactly how much will depend on the composition and dynamic of the group. Looking forward to it!


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