Yesterday & Today: 18th April

After a day or two when production has been below average, it usually takes a short while to ramp the effort back up, and yesterday was no exception.

I started the day with a Crash read-through. It’s interesting how my rehearsals with Andy take about 5 minutes less than when I read it in my study; I can only assume it’s nerves and adrenalin which shaves that time off. The shorter time will be just right for June.

I also managed to get back to “C” drafting, laying the foundations for the next episode. There were various other bits-and-pieces, including some prep for New Contexts: 5 – it’s just a question of when I press the submission button on that one. I’m now over 40,000 words in, so past the half-way mark…

With An Irregular Piece of Sky out in about five weeks, all my usual ‘go to’ short stories for competitions become ineligible. With three such competitions coming up, I’m wondering whether I should try and write something specifically for these. This isn’t my normal approach, but whatever were to happen I could always use the material for a collection in a couple of years.

Given today is Tuesday, I’ll be spending more time on writing activities than over the last couple of days. It’s the library this morning, followed by ‘Write-on Ripon’ this afternoon – around three-and-a-half hours engagement there! As ever, what happens in both these sessions is not entirely within my control.

The next “C” episode will definitely be started – either in the library or elsewhere. And in addition to that? Not exactly sure at this precise moment. But there will be more, most definitely!


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