Positive feedback

I know people are inclined to say nice things in Chat windows during on-line open mics, but here’s what was said about “Giro-scopic” when I read it at Kim Moore’s open mic on Wednesday:

  • I love that ending, Ian.
  • Whew, what a gut punch, Ian.
  • Devastating poem. Well said.
  • Really moving poem
  • Ian, very moving – thank you.
  • “Her purse empty as promises”. A great line in a really strong poem
  • that ending was amazingly powerful
  • very poignant – thank you.
  • Fantastic poem.
  • thank you Ian brilliant
  • Thank you for your poem Ian, I look forward to reading or hearing more of your poems
  • Such a powerful poem, Ian. Some great rhymes and half-rhymes. Yes, good to remember home is not a place of security for many.
  • yes, layout really added to it. The harsh plastic chairs…wonderful.

So important to get such support and confirmation, don’t you think?

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