Yesterday & Today: 22nd April

What’s the best way to describe yesterday given I did no work worthy of the name? Well, in a way, quite good. Not because of the lack of work, but rather the vestige of a return to something like sleep. I started to feel a little better during the afternoon and by evening the hacking cough had moderated a little. Overnight, ‘sleep’ consisted of mainly chunks of about 90 minutes – but at least it involved waking up!

The day’s bright spot came with the arrival of a few pre-publication copies of some of my May titles. I’ll be taking these to the retreat I’m attending on 8th May – as a delegate! – with the hope of selling one or two.

In the light of the fact that, even with the sleep, I’ve woken up with a headache and a tongue looking like two-week-old salamander roadkill, I have to be realistic about today. I doubt I’ll do very much. But the main thing now becomes getting ready to push on again next week when I’ve a very hectic Tuesday and other events on Wednesday and Thursday.

I’m looking forward to being able to boast again about how much work I’ve done!

Question: for my May titles I’ve chosen to have the books printed on 70 gsm paper as opposed to the thinner and more standard 50 gsm. This makes the books slightly more expensive to produce but has the benefit of making them feel really good quality. Sound investment or waste of money…?


Links: (books for sale on, Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), Barnes & Noble etc. Some e-books also available direct from Coverstory books.

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