Yesterday & Today: 23rd April

Sleep! It’s so underrated!

The highlight from yesterday was waking up this morning with the bed looking like it hadn’t been slept in. I moved so little in the night! I’ve probably not fully caught up, but I feel fired-up enough to kick on. Indeed, I’ve already had an idea for another Villanelle, those really trickily structured formal poems…

So that’s bound to be worked on at some point today, as will “C”, plus – I’m sure – some other things (as yet undefined). Which means I’ll actually be able to write about progress again tomorrow.

Thank you to those who’ve stuck with this diary over the last couple of days; there hasn’t been, as they say, much to write home about… But keeping the record intact – 113 straight days without missing one – has become a little like a heartbeat for me; a pill I take first thing in the morning that helps propel me through the rest of the day.

Another question. My wonderful MacBook Air that I bought in Singapore nearly nine years ago is on its last legs; the battery isn’t holding charge for very long and you can no longer get replacement batteries. At what point do I face reality and fork out for a new one: when I can only run it off mains power, or as soon as I let my lust for a bright shiny new machine take over? Needless to say, I want the answer to be the second one! Indeed (I tell myself) it’s the only practical answer…


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