Yesterday & Today: 24th April

After three unproductive days, I finally managed to put a few miles on the clock yesterday. It was a great relief.

The one thing I’d planned to do – more drafting of “C” – took place as expected. With the word count now at around 42,600, I’m about two thirds of the way through. I haven’t yet hit that magic point where I turn from being a ‘writer’ to a ‘reader’, but I suspect it’s not that far away – especially as I think I’ve settled on the title for the novel…

And in terms of the unplanned? Well, I have begun to work on the third part of the poem/play trilogy of which Crash is the first. That idea I had the other night during a delirious sleep proved a suitable catalyst after all. I also started work on a short story that I’d been thinking about since last November. The first cut is much briefer and simpler than I think I had in mind though… It needs a good ‘going over’! And I did begin to have a play with that villanelle I mentioned – but didn’t get very far to be honest. They’re so hard, they require a period of really concentrated effort to make any meaningful progress.

All of which sets the agenda for today. I think those four things from yesterday should be front-and-centre again.

I still have to make a call about New Contexts: 7 (in relation to Coverstory books). But actually that one will be very easy to resolve: one email to my mailing list and a couple of posts on websites/social media, and the ball will be inexorably rolling.

I confess that there’s another question brewing in the background, one relating to what my writing life will look like from about September onwards. Because of events that are currently in-train – and which will significantly alter the ‘landscape’ I inhabit – I know there is period of reflection and decision-making to come… Yet now is not quite the right time for that, nor to spill the beans about what might be on the horizon. But – like NC:7 – it’s only a matter of time…


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