Yesterday & Today: 25th April

Yesterday was the best day for a week in terms of time spent on projects. I had hoped for as much, but when you come out of a flat spot – for whatever reason – you can’t be certain how long it will take you to get going. Do you find that too?

Oh, and while I’m here, ‘thank you’ to those of you who read this diary; it’s comforting knowing there is someone on the other end of the line…

So, what about that list of achievements from yesterday? In no particular order…

The proof copy of the little pamphlet of Crash I am producing for sale at June’s reading turned up. Apparently it looks ‘cute’ (it’s about a quarter A4 size). I needed to make just a couple of amendments, so I’m fair-set for ordering copies for 10th June.

I actually worked on that Villanelle I mentioned the other day. I have a draft which seemed easier to produce than “The Schooner” – though that may mean that it isn’t very good! We’ll see. I may try it out on a few people today.

Added a few more words to “C” where, although the draft will now probably come in under my initial estimate, it should still compile to around a 260-page paperback. Also worked for the second day running on a very short story (c.800 words) that I have been thinking about for months. What I’ve produced is nothing like what I had in mind though… Again, may try that out on a group today.

And finally, I made a few notes on thoughts for what work later in the year might look like – specifically post-Summer. There will be more of these ruminations as I go through the next few weeks, I’m sure.

Being Tuesday, today‘s a busy one: I have my library stint first thing, then a Crash rehearsal with Andy, and then ‘Write-on Ripon’. There are no meaningful breaks between one and the next! I only hope my voice holds out for the rehearsal.

Whether or not I feel up to squeezing anything else in this evening is uncertain; I suspect being ‘full on’ from 10 until 4 should just about finish me off!


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