Yesterday & Today: 26th April

It is both interesting and understandable how writers fixate on word count when producing longer works of fiction. What else is there by which to measure them? And it’s a useful boasting chip! I know I’ve referenced word count in this diary to demonstrate progress.

But the thing I find more meaningful is number of pages. So rather than use a default A4, I always draft my longer fiction (on the computer) in the same format as the likely paperback i.e. page size and font. That way I know how physically long a book is likely to be.

All of which means that I can confidently say that yesterday “C” reached page 171 of the draft. At this stage I usually add between 2 and 4 pages per day. Maybe I’ll use page count in future to keep you updated.

What else? Well the Crash rehearsal went well: “we’re nearly there” said Andy afterwards. I’d struggled to get started yesterday because of the lingering ‘man flu’, but once I hit my straps he said it was the best it had been. A good place to be with just over six weeks to go.

The ‘Write-on Ripon’ group was fine (I read a nearly-finished short story called “The Next Bond Girl”), and along with that spent a little time on one or two other things, nothing dramatic. Oh, and a copy of a rhyming dictionary turned up. I’ve never used one before; might just help with Villanelles!

As far as today is concerned, more “C”, perhaps that Villanelle, a little of the third part of the trilogy started by Crash.

A few weeks ago I joined the Society of Authors. I have my first meeting today: an on-line get-together for new members. Not sure what to expect from the SoA. I know they offer a variety of tools and events (I’ve one tomorrow p.m.), and I’m hoping this afternoon’s session will help fill-in some of the gaps.

Talking of drafting, I often have a nostalgic / romantic hankering for writing things long-hand – even though my handwriting is nowhere near as neat as it used to be! Having said that, the only things I do tend to draft long-hand are poems (occasionally) and entries in my writing journals/notebooks (always). I find the immediacy – and inability to edit – critical for authenticity in the latter.


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