Yesterday & Today: 2nd May

Well I must be doing something right. Based on the first third of the year, my monthly average of views to this site is on a par with the whole of 2022. I’m sure this diary is helping. Thank you to those who drop by occasionally!

As with a reasonable proportion of days, yesterday was made up of a mix of the planned and unplanned.

Planned was more work drafting “C” (now over 50k words) and the evening’s North Yorkshire Stanza meeting. At the latter my Villanelle went down ok, with suggestions as to one or two potential tweaks, which was useful. Overall I got the impression that, above all else, my poetry colleagues were relieved that I’d chosen to take on the task and they hadn’t had to write one of the wretched things! Maybe they’ll be inspired to do so – poetic pride and all that…

One unplanned effort was another episode on my ‘WalkingThruFire’ podcast, the very short story “The Next Bond Girl”. You can find it here. The other – which I could argue was ‘semi-planned’ – was the launch of New Contexts: 5 with a call for submissions. If you are interested, you can find details here.

And what about today? Well it’s Tuesday, which should mean it’s a Library and ‘Write-on Ripon’ day – but I have a number of chores and other things I need to do (like replacing my ailing MacBook Air), and so when I choose to do these things will partially drive what happens in the next 12 hours.

At some point I’ll fit in some “C” I’m sure, and for the next two months I’ll need to keep on top of NC:5 submissions so that everything is ready for the long-listing process which will start in July. I never read any piece until after submissions are closed because I don’t want to prejudice entries either way.


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