Yesterday & Today: 3rd May

I can offer no excuse for doing virtually no work yesterday other than my time was taken up with going to buy and then setting up a new laptop to replace the trusty MacBook Air which has served me so well for over eight years. I only hope this new one lasts just as long.

Yes, there was probably an element of ‘boys and their toys’ about the day, but what can I tell you..?!

If you’re like me, they you’ll have your laptop set-up in a certain way, icons positioned on the screen where you are used to seeing them, files and folders just so. Most of that was easy enough (thanks to iCloud), but it was still a faff getting email accounts aligned etc…

But enough of the advertisement / excuses…

So today needs to be a little different doesn’t it? I need to be careful about how much work I do on “C” in advance of the retreat next week as I’ve set my sights on completing it there i.e. I don’t want to finish it before I go or leave too little left. Does that sound a little illogical? It felt it as I was typing it… I may think about the rest of the tasks I take with me next week, in addition to “C”.

So perhaps a Crash run-through first then. And the end of the day is easy: Ripon Writers’ Group where I’m running a little exercise called “Too good / too bad”. I need to finalise the instructions for that at some point.

So you can see, it’s all about the gap in the middle…


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