Yesterday & Today: 10th May

In many respects my first day on retreat yesterday was a little bit of a rollercoaster. It started well enough with some work on “C”, but then when I was out on a walk between coffee and lunch I was hit by a massive shock wave of Imposter Syndrome: what the hell was I doing here? who was I kidding about my writing etc. etc.

All of which meant I started the afternoon in a somewhat black humour. Nothing to do with the other participants I must add – a nice and varied bunch as always – except in the sense that they are (bar one) all writers too. When you go on a retreat at Garsdale I always feel the bar is set just that little bit higher – which is probably no bad thing.

In any event I plugged on with “C” in the afternoon, had something of a breakthrough, and consequently expect to call time on the first draft today. I also managed a little bit of admin, some drafting of the follow-up to Crash (not very happy with that!), and a silent read-through of Crash itself.

Which is just as well given that I’m going to be performing Crash after dinner today, a chance to road test how far I’ve come with it. Full undress rehearsal!

Undoubtedly I’ll work on some other things today too – perhaps on an idea I had a few days ago which provided me with an excellent start to a story, short or long… Watch this space!


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