Yesterday & Today: 11th May

There is only one thing to focus on from the retreat yesterday: my performance of Crash in the evening to seven souls who didn’t know what they were letting themselves in for! And it went really well. I was nervous at the beginning – which showed – but I think I got into my stride after a few minutes.

There were a few comments of note:

  • You wouldn’t have known that this was my first time acting;
  • the echoes of Beckett and Eliot were subtle but evident;
  • the momentum and engagement with the audience was maintained throughout with no loss of focus.

All of these things I was worried about, so I’m chuffed to have pulled it off. I’ll have to think about the nervousness at the beginning and see what I can do about that as the audience in a month’s time is likely to be three times as large…

Highlights from the rest of the day included checking over the beginning of “C” ready for reading it aloud tomorrow evening at the final night read-around, and starting on what will probably be a short story.

With the Crash pressure off, what about today?

Well perhaps a little more “C” editing now the draft’s done, and possibly that short story, but I should dedicate some of my time to thinking about what the writing programme will look like at the back-end of summer once we have moved… Consequently I’ve no idea how the post tomorrow morning will look!


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