Yesterday & Today: 12th May

A good day yesterday which focussed on two main topics: the first was a little light editing of “C”, and the second was working on some more detailed ideas around what might follow later in the summer once we have moved.

Interestingly I didn’t write any more to the short story I started on spec the day before.

In terms of future projects I pencilled in a couple of ideas, the most interesting being when thinking about long fiction. Usually starting with the question “what do I want to write about?” I turned that around to ask “who do I want to write about?”

This led me to start with a few blank character profiles and to start filling these in, the notion being that I should define characters I would find it interesting to write about. And I got part-way through two characters and will carry on today. In doing so – and in thinking about how I could link them together – plot points started to emerge, and some of these were on themes I probably would never have considered had I started with ‘what’ rather than ‘who’.

It’s early days to know whether or not this approach will bear fruit, but I’m prepared to see how it goes.

So certainly more of the same today. In addition to that, I’m not sure. It being the last day of the retreat we’ll have the ‘read-around’ this evening, and I’m going to try out the opening few draft paragraphs from “C” to see how they go down.


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