Yesterday & Today: 13th May

So another retreat ends, and the curtain came down yesterday in time-honoured fashion: the read-around. I read the opening from my work-in-progress novel “C”, plus a couple of poems – one on request. As ever, the mix at the end of the week echoed the variety we’d seen throughout.

And a sterling job by Rebecca and Hamish, as ever!

One of the poems I read I only penned yesterday afternoon (I don’t normally share anything so raw):


peeling from beneath the railway bridge
jackdaws cry into the air
like obsolete punctuation marks
slipping the tyranny of girders’ lines
to sit on barbed-wire fences
hyphenating the landscape

What else did I do on the final day? Well, the bulk of it was spent working on profiles for potential new characters. I’d started out with 6 and ended up with 14! The next stage will be to finish drafting the profiles and then see if there’s a cohesive plot that will knit them all together in a realistic way – and then whether I want to tell the story or not.

Overall was it mission accomplished for the week? More or less I think – though I wasn’t expecting to end up with all these new people starting to clamour for their voices to be heard!

Today will be much quieter; the drive home and then not very much work for the rest of the day. Time to draw breath then go again…


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