Yesterday & Today: 20th May

I managed to finish putting together the high-level summary of the main characters’ relationships for my potential new fiction project yesterday (see the 19th May’s post). It’s a tangled web to say the least, and I wonder at what point complexity crosses the line to become something that is impossible to believe. Steer clear of too much coincidence; I know that’s a good rule of thumb.

Having said that, when out in the morning I had a sudden thought about the style of the novel, a slight departure from my norm which could make the interconnectivity more acceptable to the reader. This requires a little more work defining the characters themselves, and then drafting a short section to see if I can make this new way of looking at them believable and entertaining. Something to mull over as I begin to identify the many plot points… [Let’s call the project ‘Z’ for now.]

What else yesterday? A partial run-through of Crash (some sections where I’m less fluent), and some bits-and-pieces of admin around NC:5 and my writing groups.

Once more I expect today’s contribution to be limited: some rummaging around inside the skeleton of ‘Z’ working on the bones of the thing; NC:5 and general admin as needed.

It also occurs to me that perhaps I should rehearse what I’m going to read at my book launch on Monday. Having read each of the extracts aloud before, it’s really a refresher more than anything else – but certainly worth doing.

PS: get a link for the Zoom launch here: book launch.


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