Yesterday & Today: 19th May

140 days of consecutive posting! This is probably where it starts to get difficult, not just for me but for my readers too… How can I keep things fresh I wonder?

As it turned out there were two primary activities yesterday which took up my time: working on those new characters I’ve been talking about and entering some poetry competitions.

As I did for many weeks when referring to my last draft work as “C” (whose editing is now back-burner activity for a while), I feel a need to have a shorthand for what might come of these fourteen characters whose lives I am beginning to shape. I’ll need to give that some thought.

Yesterday I spent a fair chunk of time starting to write out brief descriptions of their inter-relationships (some 32 of them), and although I was essentially putting down nothing new, the physical act of writing them out is a small step in terms of ‘solidifying’ and validating them.

Occasionally I have a little burst of entering competitions. Perhaps spurred on by my long-listing in the Fish 2023 Poetry Prize, I entered three comps yesterday. My strategy is to enter then forget. The result? When I found out about the Fish prize it came as a pleasant surprise.

Lots of ‘out and about’ today, so I expect output to be limited. I still have more of the relationship cards to write out before I go back into time-lining (I did some two or three days ago) and then dive into the morass of plot points – hundreds of them! Somewhere between here and there I’ll decide if these individuals’ stories are ones I want to tell.

PS: don’t forget my book launch on Monday, and next Thursday’s Contextual.


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