Yesterday & Today: 18th May

I made an inexplicable omission when putting my diary entry together yesterday, and that was failing to acknowledge that there was a Ripon Writers’ Group in the evening.

The theme of the evening was ‘Memoir’ and members brought along various stories from their past lives, including some very early and close-up memories of The Rolling Stones and The Who! Memoir is a topic which suits writers; it plays to that little bit of ego that we need to be a writer in the first place!

Apart from that I’m afraid it was a somewhat barren day work-wise. This, I confess, is not merely due to me being bound by the practical mechanics of life, but also a penchant for live sport – and with the summer coming, there’s always more of that about… The next few weeks will, I suppose, be a test of discipline on that front.

All of which makes it difficult to predict what today will hold. There is some admin I need to undertake around NC:5 etc., and I do need to start committing to paper the bones of the key relationships / plot lines between my 14 new characters. It’s the only way I’ll know if there’s really a story there I want to tell. I can also drop back into “C” and continue the reviewing I started last week (which is not yet a fully fledged edit). But…

…I have to go and collect a new car this morning (the best part of two hours lost), and there’s sport on tv this afternoon, and I’m sure there will be the odd thing relating to our impending move which will require time…

“Don’t beat yourself up” – that’s my message to myself. And I’ve a book launch and Contextual to look forward to next week, so it’s not as if I’ve stopped completely!


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