Yesterday & Today: 17th May

Yesterday was really full-on; clicked-up nearly 7 hours of effort on the work-o-meter!

I started with a run-through of Crash where I think I’m now about 85% learnt off-by-heart; the rest isn’t that far behind.

100% isn’t essential for the performance, but the more I can manage, the more impressive I think it will be.

That was followed by a session in the library where I spent some time working on timelines for the 14 embryonic characters I’ve been defining. Plot points come next.

After lunch I ran an exercise at ‘Write-on Ripon’. People chose a piece of graffiti from a selection offered and then had to write a statement/plea/letter to someone in authority trying to justify why the graffiti in question shouldn’t be painted over – and all in 20 minutes. It was interesting a) how people interpreted the graffiti chosen, and b) the various approaches they took to write the justification. One person wrote a poem and another used graffiti to justify the graffiti! It was a fun exercise – 8 people, and it lasted about 60 minutes including all the readings.

The day concluded with the May Derby Stanza meeting. A really varied batch of poems this month – and some real crackers in there. My thanks go out to the group not just for their commitment and contributions, but for helping get the balance of our meetings just right – there’s more laughing than you might imagine!

Today won’t be anywhere near as busy. More ‘life’ stuff getting in the way, so if I manage more than a couple of hours I’ll be doing well…


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