Yesterday & Today: 16th May

I’ve tons on today! But before all that, how was yesterday? Well, I kicked off with two ‘simple’ read-throughs of Crash i.e. pretty much without the performance. Then I lost the majority of my time to other things: buying a new car; activity associated with preparing for our move in the summer…

Isn’t it amazing how such things can leech time from you? One minute it’s three o’clock, the next it’s six…

One piece of news from yesterday was that my villanelle, ‘The Schooner’, was long-listed for the Fish Publishing 2023 Poetry Prize. A triumph for the form, perhaps?!

No issues working out what to do today though; I have a very structured day.

This morning I’m off to my library residence gig, and have someone coming in to discuss their poetry. Then, after lunch, it’s ‘Write-on Ripon’ where I’m running a small ekphrastic fiction exercise. And this evening is this month’s Derby Stanza group. Pretty much 5-6 hours already in the bag!

And I may start the day with another Crash run-through, just to really get the numbers up! It’s now less than four weeks to the Ripon Theatre Festival; I have my next rehearsal with Andy on Monday with just one or two things to discuss. One last push.


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