Yesterday & Today: 26th May

Yesterday‘s highlight was the monthly Contextual virtual poetry reading event, the 18th in the series! There was some very strong work which tackled difficult subjects like terrorism, dementia, and abortion. This prompted a short conversation about what might be termed ‘taboo’ subjects in poetry. I think the conclusion we reached was that you could legitimately write about anything, but what made the output acceptable and worthy was the way you wrote about it, the quality of the writing.

We certainly weren’t short on emotion last light. My thanks, as ever, to the wonderful poets who turn up to read and listen each month!

At various other times in the day I worked on the Alma Road edit and ‘Z’ plotting. I also had an idea about the style in which I may try and write the latter. This is putting increasing pressure on the first draft of the opening few pages – when I get round to writing them, that is.

Which won’t be today; much more work needed on the plot episodes and sequencing first. Today I need to tackle the climax as the book which is, at the moment, a little sketchy. Indeed, I need to confirm that there is a climax! I’ll also work on Alma Road a little more. And I am getting an urge to draft a poem or two – so know can say whether I will or not?!


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