Yesterday & Today: 27th May

If yesterday ended up being a little out-of-the-ordinary that was probably only because I managed to break the little toe on my right foot first thing and was in various states of pain and wooziness for a fair chunk of the day!

That didn’t stop me spending a chunk of time on ‘Z’ plotting (there are now around 380 points to cover in the text should it be completed as currently envisaged), and more editing of 17 Alma Road.

I have to confess that I actually like 17 Alma Road; it fits my style and voice like a glove, is comfortable, somehow reassuring. I suspect later in the year I will send out some advance review copies as well as bombarding agents with it…

But I won’t be doing that today. Instead it is likely to be more of the same – ‘Z’ and editing – plus at least one run-through of Crash (only two weeks to go!). Indeed, I think that’s how the next three days will look, a blend of that combination of activity.

Preoccupations about the forthcoming house move (nothing to do with writing, of course) seem to be gradually intensifying, though they are not yet at the level which will suck away at my time. Once I have performed Crash that’s when I expect my daily writing work to start to diminish a little. We’ll see…


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